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Water purification filter ‘JUNKORS FILTRI’

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Good health and beauty depend on water. Every doctor and cosmetologist will acknowledge that. On average, a person should drink 2.5 litres of water per day. Unfortunately, water is not always clean enough to be a source of health and beauty. Very often it can even be the cause of skin inflammation and allergies and can stimulate the development of other, more serious diseases.

The quality of drinking water is closely connected with poor technical condition of water supply systems. In many cases, pipelines are older than 30 years, and chlorine is used to cleanse them. Due to the low-grade drainage systems of dumping-grounds, the dirt gets into the soil and the ground water, and iron, chloride, lead, pesticide, bacteria, rust, precipitation etc. reach the consumer.

Tap water can be consumed; however, in order to take proper care of your health and beauty, we suggest that you mechanically and chemically process water with a water purification filter ‘JUNKORS FILTRI’.

The water filters produced under the ‘JUNKORS FILTRI’ trademark are a product that is 100% developed and produced by the Latvian enterprise ‘SIA EIROFILTRI’. Their development and testing started in the 1990s based on long-term experience of the enterprise ‘EIROFILTRI’ specialists in the industry of manufacturing and trading of water filters. The filters have been verified by the Ecology Laboratory of Lielrīga Regional Environmental Board and tested by the National Environmentand Health Protection Centre of the Ministry of Welfare of the Republic of Latvia. The main function of the filters is to efficiently provide consumers with high-quality potable water at a significantly lower cost.

One of the most significant advantages of ‘JUNKORS FILTRI’ over other filters is the reaching of complete water purification (mechanical and chemical) by using only one filter. Therefore, ‘JUNKORS FILTRI’ is a perfect device for additional purification of drinking water, making water suitable for consumption, care of infants (which requires especially clean water), and for careful treatment of houseplants and plumbing fixtures.

Installation of a ‘JUKORS FILTRI’ filter will not take longer than 20 minutes. Replacement of the element is so simple that every housewife will be able todo it without damaging her nail polish. The various location options will make the filter inconspicuous and it will not take up too much space at your home.

As concerns the expenses, there is no better solution than a ‘JUNKORS FILTRI’ filter, as its service lifeis up to 8000 litres. You will no longer have to buy drinking water in a store in a plastic bottle and try to figure out how to recycle it afterwards. You will not depend on anyone. You will simply have a ‘JUNKORS FILTRI’ filter and be able to permanently use clean and healthy water.

The double processing of water is carried out with help of polyester fibre and the part of chemical purification. Mechanical purification is carried out with an element of a polyester fibre (10 microns). As a result, all mechanical impurities are removed from water: rust, precipitation, sand, water-plants, clay. Chemical purification involves the usage of:

1) activated carbon that chemically purifies water from chlorine, bad taste or smell, arsenic, mercury, various kinds of oil, herbicides, pesticides, carcinogens, and simultaneously activizes drinking water;

2)  silver that purifies water bacteriologically eliminating bacteria and fungi;

3)  an ion-exchange resin that purifies water from the dissolved iron;

4)  polyphosphate crystals that, reacting with the dissolved ions of calcium (Ca+) and magnesium (Mg+) in water, turns them into harmless sodium (Na-) ions, precluding scale formation and making water harmless for household appliances.

We offer water purification filters of outstanding quality that eliminate both mechanical and chemical impurities from water. Purified water tastes much better and is friendlier to your skin, plants and any living organism, and also household appliances. After installation, you will be able to use the filter for a period of around 3 – 6 months and not worry about its exchange; thus, you will save your money and reduce the expenses. This is an offer unmatched by any other water filtration device.

If you wish to feel the difference of the water quality and reduce your expenses, use ‘JUNKORS FILTRI’ water filters that are designedkeeping in mind the specifics of water in Latvia. Drink clean water and be healthy!


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By purchasing ‘JUNKORS FILTRI’ filters, you have made the right choice, as from now on you will use clean and healthy water.

 Made in Latvia “EIROFILTRI” Ltd.