Filters for household appliances

Using a water filter reduces the formation of limescale in household appliances, water heating elements and other parts



This filter is filled with polyphosphate crystals and is designed to be installed at the inlet of cold water to washing machines or dishwashers. Reduces formation of limescale thussaving electricity and protecting household appliances.

Recommended flow: 8-10 l/min. Max working pressure (max): 6 bar. Working temperature: 0°C/ + 35°C. Connection: ¾”

Kombinētie ūdens filtri  10 MK PL ‘’DZELTENS’’


A mechanical element + polyphosphate salts. This cold waterfilter ensures water purification from mechanical admixtures, rust and precipitation. The filtering element contains polyphosphate salts, which, reacting with the calcium in water, modifies the chemical formula of lime and softens water, thus protecting household appliances from scale formation. Optimum flow: 12 l/min at 2 bar pressure. Maximum flow rate: ~50 l/min. Resistance to water flow: ~20%. Service life: up to 20000 litres. Maximum water temperature: 38°C. This is the best water filter for your washing machine, water boiler or any other water heating appliance. Not recommended for drinking water.

Note: If you need to use water for drinking, please install behind this filtering element a filter that contains activated carbon.

 Made in Latvia “EIROFILTRI” Ltd.